Dye Sublimation is a method of applying an image to a variety of materials using heat and pressure.  In the process, sublimation ink is converted from a solid to a gas, which then penetrates the substrate when the printed paper is heated and the process is controlled with pressure and time.

The following sublimation services are offered at Miller Studio

Inkjet – High quality, well saturated and color corrected inkjet prints is what we do all day, every day.  We do not cut corners on your images.  We use the best inks and paper available for the process, unlike anything you’d be able to get from the at-home market.

Screenprint – We also produce screen printed sublimation papers.  With screen printed papers, you have many more options available than with the inkjet process.  We can print in four color process like the inkjet printers but with a higher volume of ink, it gives you livelier images that last longer and resist ultraviolet light more than any other method of printing.  With screenprinting, you can also do so much more than with 4 color process.  We can mix spot colors to match your request, and we can print florescent and other specialty sublimation inks that are not possible through an inkjet printer.  Why print 4 color process, when 2-3 spot colors can get you the exact colors you want instead of “creating” them from yellow, blue, red and black dots?  This method does have a higher expense at low volumes, and is not the answer for one-of-a-kind graphics, but it is a preferred method with many of our clients.  Depending how many colors you have on your art, screen printed papers can be very competitive with inkjet pricing at medium sized volumes (50-200), and becomes the most cost effective with larger runs (300+).  We have many clients that have us print the papers for a production run, then request that they be sublimated as needed throughout the build cycle.

Our methods of sublimation are first rate.  We use a rotary sublimation method (roll to roll), that has accuracy like no other method of sublimation in the industry.  Our equipment maintains the temperature range within a couple degrees, and the time and the pressure held between the papers and substrate is totally in our control.  Contact us today and we’d be happy to recommend the best form of sublimation for your project.

To order quantities of 1-10 sublimated parts, please visit the Sublimation listings on our Shop.  For larger quantities or production planning, please contact us directly for a custom quote.

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