Artwork Requirements

Graphic Requirements for Digital and Screenprinted Board Sports Graphics

These mechanical requirements and guidelines should be followed when producing graphics for screenprinting or digital production.  If the file has problems or is not properly set up, we will ask that it be corrected or, if possible, we will offer an option and cost for us to fix it.

Artwork layout – Make art at 100% size.   Allow an extra inch of art on each tip and tail for an overall extra 2 inches of art for bleed.  For width, make your art appropriate for the project and material width.  Most snow materials used for snowboards and skis are 320-350mm in width.  Most watersports materials for wakeboards and kiteboards are 480-510mm in width.  If you have any questions or requirements on material width for your project, let us know.  Unless otherwise requested, we will place center marks at tip and tail and center of the waist.  If you have pin location marks or other necessary production targets that you want printed, please make us aware of it.

File format – Supply art in CMYK format.  Color shifts occur when converting from RGB to CMYK, so for accurate results, produce your work on CMYK or convert and complete final color corrections in CMYK before submitting.  Make sure all your colors are set correctly with appropriate build (Spot/process).  Vector files should be in .eps, .ai or .pdf format.  Raster files should be in .psd, .tif, .pdf or .jpg format.

Raster files: The resolution for raster files at 100% should be at 200 dpi.   A larger file will just create extra memory not used.

Vector files: Convert fonts to paths, or outlines, or include fonts.

Common mistakes:

  • File submitted in RGB when it should be in CMYK
  • File not designed at 100%
  • File is at a low resolution at full size compromising quality
  • Vector fonts not outlined or included with artwork
  • Artwork flattened and/or templates flattened with the artwork
  • Art designed in the exact shape as the finished product.

Sending graphics:  If the size of the file is below 100mb and your e-mail server will permit it, go ahead and e-mail your graphics.  Otherwise our favorite way to transfer files is through Dropbox.  Contact for further assistance. 

Graphic layout examples:  Please view these guidelines to help you design your file.   Click to enlarge.

MSWBTempl12 .jpg

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